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16 August 2019
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How do I cancel?

Scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the customer support link, you can then easily cancel any rebilling for main membership or home grown movies.

Help! I had a problem with the Sign-Up Process. What Do I Do?

Firstly don't panic! Secondly don't resubmit your credit card details for a second time - you may be inadvertently charged twice. Email us at with the name as stated on the credit card and we either create and email you a manual login or advise you that you need to try and make a payment again.

Can I share my login and password with my mates?

Take a wild guess! No, of course you can't! Membership is individual and non-transferable.  If you like the site, recommend it by all means, but share your password and sophisticated tracking software WILL pick it up and suspend your username and password. Accessing the site from multiple machines of your own is fine and won't trip the security.

I haven't shared my password with anyone but my password has been suspended or just won't work, what do I do now?

There are a few possible simple explantions. You have previously requested we cancel your membership and your next payment for membership would now have been due.

You chose a really dumb username and password or used the same one you've used on every site you've ever joined since '96 and the hackers have now guessed it. Things like manchester:united just make it easy. Hackers also have access to lists of previously used usernames and passwords that they will hurl at sites in vast numbers till one works. - we have no idea how they get the lists in the first place, but they do! Your mate, who said he wouldn't share it, posted it on a password site and now 300 people have tried to login on the same account.

I'd like to book one of the girls for a shoot, can I have her email address or phone number?

No. Most of the girls don't want us to hand out their contact details to anyone, though we do forward any requests on the models, it's then up to them to contact you - we are photographers, not a model agency!

How much money do you make?

Not enough! Right now we ploughing every penny back into the site and more members equals more shoots, it's a nice way to make a living, but first and foremost we want this to be a premium quality site. Quite simply put the more money the site generates the more we can spend on finding and shooting new models, expanding the sites features, adding more space to the site and acquiring more photos of wives and girlfriends. Bear this in mind before you click away from the site: sites like this need YOU to survive. Sure, you can trawl the net or newsgroups and maybe even find some of the shots from this site, but if you want us to be able to carry on shooting more girls then you're going to have to JOIN. Like any other business we need customers to survive. THAT MEANS YOU! Hell, you could even recommend the site to someone!